infrastructure project for a better future for Pike & Wayne

This Is How We Take Back Democracy

"Oath of Higher Service"

The Oath is how we take back our democracy so one day our votes will mean  something once again. 

Help Orlando Fight and Win

Your support and contributions are the only way he can win this fight. 

A Sensible Platform Focused on Northeast Pennsylvania

Gerrymandering is Bad

End Gerrymandering in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Orlando supports the  non-partisan Fair Districts PA ( bills HB722 and SB22. Ending Gerrymandering is a core objective.

Oxycodone Tablets

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

By targeting the source — not the ill and addicted — by empowering District Attorneys to go after the drug companies which are flooding our communities with these drugs. 

Building a Better Future

Increasing Economic Opportunities/Creating Jobs

Creating better economic opportunities through development of infrastructure projects and by attracting innovative Pennsylvania-based businesses to Pike and Wayne Counties. 

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